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Women's Health. The PPA Day Surgeries are the largest Abortion Provider in Australia, having day surgeries in Townsville, Rockhampton, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Newcastle and Melbourne. sms lån We believe that women should make an informed decision concerning their reproductive health. laweta łódź We provide information concerning external counselling services for those who have difficulty making a decision and our experienced Receptionist welcomes your queries and will assure you that your experience at our facility will be of the highest standard of care in a safe environment where you will treated with dignity and respect.

Termination of Pregnancy

The removal of an unplanned pregnancy from the uterus of a woman is a simple procedure, taking only a few minutes,  done under anaesthetic;  the doctor inserts an instrument called a speculum into the vagina so that he can see the cervix.  The doctor increases the size of the cervical opening by using a series of sterile metal dilators, thereby increasing the cervical opening; a sterile tube is attached to a vacuum aspirator which is inserted into the uterus and the foetal tissue and some lining of the uterus is removed.

Counselling Service
We suggest that you seek counselling prior to making a decision concerning your unplanned pregnancy. We recommend the independent counselling service: Children by Choice


проститутки фото Implanon is a small plastic rod containing the hormone progestogen which is inserted just underneath the skin of the upper inner arm and provides protection against pregnancy for the three years it is left in place.

  • How does it work? 
    It stops ovulation (release of the egg from the ovary) and by making the lining of the uterus thin so that it does not allow a pregnancy to grown.  Cervical mucous at the entrance of the uterus is made thicker, and this also makes if difficult for the sperm to enter.
  • How effective is it?
    It has less than 1% failure rate, due mainly because there is no need for you to remember to take something for contraception.

IUD – Mirena

It consists of a small, plastic T-shaped frame which is inserted into the womb.  It carries the hormone (progestogen) which is identical to one of the hormones found in the contraceptive pill.  It is effective for 5 years.

  • How does it work?  It prevents conception is several ways;
    • it thickens the cervical mucus so that it is difficult for the sperm to get through to fertilise the egg.
    • It inhibits the normal sperm function inside the uterus and ovarian tubes .
    • It reduces the monthly growth of the lining of the uterus, which also makes the period much lighter and shorter.
  • How effective is it? 
    You are protected from pregnancy as soon as the device is fitted.  Studies have shown that no more than 2 women in 1000 may become pregnant in one year. antidepressants

IUD- Multiload

A T shaped frame containing copper which is inserted into the womb.

  • How does it work?
    The copper prevents the sperm meeting and fertilizing an egg cell.
  • How effective is it? 
    You are  protected for 3 years and no more than 2 women in 1000 become pregnant over 1 year.

Ultra Sounds

Ultrasound is a simple and pain free examination where sound waves are passed through your body through a hand-held device and a picture is shown on a screen.  We like to ultrasound all of our patients because it shows us a very clear picture of your uterus (some women may have an abnormality), and because it allows us to know exactly how far pregnant you are.  This safe and routine procedure is done by the operation doctor and is performed pre-operatively.

roofers dublin, to flat roofing If you do not know how far pregnant you are, you can make an appointment for a consultation and ultrasound prior to the appointment being made for the termination.  You do not have to do anything in preparation for our ultrasound and it does not cause cancer to you or the pregnancy.

Genetic Abnormalities

Should you have a termination of pregnancy for genetic abnormality reasons, your specialist may ask your permission to have the diagnosis confirmed by the pathologist after the termination.  This is a simple process and we can arrange this for you.

Interpreter Services

An interpreter is available to all patients.  There is usually no charge for this service.  Advance notice is required and Planned Parenthood staff will liaise with the interpreter service to set up the appropriate time.

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